We are professionals in demolition, commercial strip outs & de-fits and cater for all spaces; shops, restaurants and office floors, hospitals, warehouses or factories.

More About Demolition/De-fits

We will minimise any disruption to your business as much as possible with our efficient processes, experienced members and the right machinery. We are fully insured against all possibilities. We are experienced with projects of any size and any scope. 

We have an experienced team who manage your entire process from start to finish in accordance to H&S regulations. We will meet with you to discuss the plan, timeline and lines of communication. We can complete all electrical and plumbing works prior to the de-fitting process.

Melbourne Commercial Works will bring the entire area back to original walls, floors, ceilings and remove all waste material, leaving the property neat and tidy in order to vacate or for refurbishment. 

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Our team is reliable, efficient and will do what we say we will. Call us today to obtain a free quote.