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Quality, Consistency, Reliability.

Melbourne Commercial Works is a reputable family owned company servicing the commercial and domestic sectors. Our  team holds expertise across a number of areas Driveways, Concreting, all round Civil Works, Commercial Building Maintenance, Water Proofing and Commercial Painting.

Why Choose McWORKS

Committed to Quality, Consistency and Reliability

Melbourne Commercial Works projects are delivered in six key stages; Conception, Planning, Execution, Performance and Close Out. Throughout these stages we provide the ‘Right Person for the Right Job’ approach to ensure the project is delivered successfully on time and on budget. Our Project team will ensure all lines of communication are established and maintained for project workers and the client.

Melbourne Commercial Works is committed to working within the WH&S standards. We believe in providing a safe work environment for our employees, sub-contractors, customers, visitors, and the general public at all of our sites.

Our commitment to providing a safe work place is achieved by implementing safe working methods in line with current occupational health & safety (WH&S) legislation. We know what it takes to ensure this safe working environment.

Some of our procedures include:

  • Risk Assessments

  • Safe Working Method Statements (SWMS)

  • Site Safety Plan

  • Quality Plan

  • General induction / site-specific induction

  • Pre-start Meetings

  • Weekly Toolbox Meetings

  • Plant pre-start checks

  • Training Register – ‘Right Person for the Right Job’ – only certified persons to complete tasks

  • Protecting people from falling objects

  • Incident Reporting / Near Miss Reporting / Hazard Reporting

  • Electrical equipment testing and tagging

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Our team is reliable, efficient and will do what we say we will. Call us today to obtain a free quote.