Whether you would like to construct a new driveway, repair, resurface, or refresh your exisiting driveway, call us today to discuss your vision and budget.

MC Works can bring our experience, our professionalism and quality workmanship to your driveway project.

Why Choose McWorks For Your Next Project

We look after driveways all across Greater Melbourne, though our family based company is based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Let our experienced team look after your home and driveway. We can manage projects of any size and scope and are fully insured.  We have a crystal clear communication process - from our initial quote and site down meeting through to establishment of the plan and completion timelines. 


We also manage the entire process from start to finish in accordance to H&S regulations.  We remove all the waste materials and tidy the premises before we leave - leaving the property neat and tidy.

We can bring our civil know-how to add professionalism to bring your  home outdoor area plans to life in a quality, efficient and timely manner


Give us a call today to discuss how we can make your proposed project a reality.


  • Exposed aggregate

  • Paved driveways – bluestone or brick

  • Coloured concrete

  • Driveway concrete repairs

  • Driveway resurfacing

  • Driveway clean and seal

  • Epoxy coatings or paint

  • Landscaping around your driveway

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Our team is reliable, efficient and will do what we say we will. Call us today to obtain a free quote.